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Month: August 2007

Chris Garcia, the person we picked to marry us (as the officiant, not as a polygamist thing), is a self proclaimed “media whore” – as proclaimed on his Live Journal. This time it’s work related, and can be seen here. ***UPDATE 2/7/2008*** Link to the story is no longer active. Sorry if you missed it…

Archie McPhee

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Okay, here’s the deal. Archie McPhee is the coolest store on the West Coast. There are two locations in Seattle but they’re next door to each other. So convenience, eh, not so much.

They run a phone, web, mail order and storefront business but their Bridal Registry just isn’t going to match the web interface at Target. So, you have a place a manual phone or Internet order with them.

So, how about this? I’ll make my own web page with the things I registered for and you can call or web Archie McPhee yourself incase you’d like to place an order. Here, have a look at the swell things they’ve got!

Pirate Girl Bag
Blackbeard Flag
TV Dinner Cocktail Napkins
Jumbo Mystery Box
Leopard Print Fez
And don’t forget the hysterical How To Keep Your Husband Apron!

If we get a gift, I’ll delete the link from my self-run registry.
Have fun shopping at Archie McPhee and be sure to pick up something for yourself!


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