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365 Days Completed…

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We could call this our first quarter-anniversary, though most would just say “Stop being so damned pedantic and call it your first anniversary, for heaven’s sake…”

Traditionally this would be the paper anniversary, but this is the modern paperless age (well that hasn’t really happened yet) so the modern first anniversary present is a clock (I said “clock” – you people with your heads in the gutters…)  It seems appropriate, but we probably have enough clocks already.  Though one could take this as a symbol that we have all the time in the world, as Louis Armstrong once sang – but hopefully with better results than the Bond marriage had…

But enough of this silliness, it’s really just a time to say “Happy Anniversary” to us.  We did nothing big this year, just a pajama day together watching TV (that was in our vows, after all) with a trip out for dinner together.  It was a pleasant day to do nothing together, and we did that in abundance. 


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