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Please Welcome the Newest Member of Our Family…

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This evening we attended a fundraiser at a local independent multipurpose theatre – The Retro Dome – where they had a mixer, a performance of songs (Barbara, Bette and Carol Burnett), a raffle, and an auction.  We won the picture below in the silent auction, and now resides in the place of honor that once belonged to Space Ghost.

Star Trek TOS Autograph Photo

We were impressed that everyone pictured has signed it – as well as the creator himself, Gene Roddenberry.  So there’s 4 autographs on it that we couldn’t hope to ever get, plus the near improbability of getting Nimoy or the Shat’s scribble.  The record hanging on it is the description tag which was pasted on – as were the auction paddles – old 7-inch singles.


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