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Month: January 2008

The Honeymoon?

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The bookings have been made, and we’ll be traveling to Great Britain for our honeymoon.

While there we’ll be taking in some more sights in London, then driving around the Scottish highlands, and a couple nights in Glasgo,w followed by a stay at Portmeirion on the Welsh coast ending back up in London.

During our trip, we’ll attempt to keep you up to date via this very website (depending on how much internet access we have…)

The Venue…

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The wedding will take place at the Professional Culinary Institute in Campbell, California.

Here are the maps on the invite:

Tube Style Map of Santa Clara

More Detailed Map

Being a culinary institute, our dinner will be prepared by a world class chef (with the assistance of some students) and wine chosen by one of the world’s master sommeliers.

The dinner will be a beef based meal, but we will have an aubergine (or eggplant) based vegetarian option for those of you who do not eat beef.

If you are coming from out of town (or even if you are not) and need a hotel room, please book through us. The Institute has a deal with the hotel across the street, but all the reservations need to go through us. You can email us at Hotel [at] kenandjerry [dot] com to work with us on your reservation.

The Date

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We have chosen Friday, 29 February, 2008 as our big day. We know this means that we’ll only get an anniversary once every four years (is that a quadrianniversary???)

There will be a drinks reception prior to the ceremony beginning at 5:30 PM, with the ceremony beginning at 6:15 PM – followed by dinner and dancing.

Here is the information as seen on theĀ invitation.

With 53 days to go, we can now let you all know to be on the look out over the next week for your official wedding invitations (well, those of you who are to get them…) The usual stuff like who (us) what (wedding) where (finally revealed, with map) and when (the date’s been known, but now there’s a time!) Also, for you out of towner’s, there’s information about booking a hotel (across the street from the venue.) So keep an eye out in your post for a plain white envelope (about 6×8 inches) to arrive soon!


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