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Month: March 2008

Woke up, went to breakfast, finished packing. Ken called a porter around to the room, while Jerry went off to pick up a few more gifts. We met up at the reception, where Ken was just getting the bill (room tariff included breakfast, but not dinner) and we waited for our taxi (or tacsi as the Welsh would write it, which we can add to ffordd – meaning either way, as in way out, or terrace, as in a type of road – as the Welsh acquired on this trip.) In terms of sight seeing, we had lucked out on the weather, but now it was time for the rain to hit back. (more…)

…Dark skies above… Bright and colourful Portmeirion, this morning was drab, dreary and stormy. The wind and rain were all in a rage throughout the night, and brought Ken down so much that upon waking up he didn’t feel like doing the Prisoner opening dialogue (“Where am I?”…) Luckily, spirits were brightened with the weather report from BBC Wales that indicated the storm was to be temporary and sun was likely to be seen in the afternoon. (more…)

Got up this morning, went down for the breakfast buffet (which was more stocked that the previous day.) There were some Croat rugby supporters (hopefully not players, as they should have better accommodations) having their continental breakfast as well. Went back to the room and packed (more of a challenge after our Woolworth’s haul of the prior day.) Checked out of the hotel, and made our way through St. Enoch’s Shopping Centre (with a stop at Boots for some supplies) and over to the station. (more…)

Today was our one full day in Glasgow. As mentioned before, it’s more of a recharging stop than anything else. Our hotel, the disappointing Express by Holiday Inn, was conveniently located next to the St. Enochs Shopping Centre, and the Arglye Street shopping district – as Glasgow is the second largest shopping city in the UK, next to London. (more…)


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