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We has a new logo…

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So, we’ve had this site for over two years now and the rip off of the Ben and Jerry logo was nice – but it’s time for a bit of a change.  The previous logo has Simsonized versions of ourselves, this new one is Pocoyized (a children’s show, whose English narrator Twitered about the site.)  And with a new version of us, came a new logo.




Site Overhaul

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Welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved Ken and Jerry (dot) Com website.  We’ve moved away from Geeklog to Joomla for our site structure, and it’s been an interesting ride.  There will be broken links for the time being, please let us know if you find any.  Also expect changes as we get used to the new system.


Hope you like the changes.  Any questions, please drop us a line.

It has taken a while, but the final accounts of our honeymoon to the United Kingdom have finally been posted – all back dated to each of the actual days. So enjoy!

Just a quick note about the galleries on this site. First of all, the original “Media Gallery” has been closed, and all it’s content finally migrated to “Gallery 2” (which has been feeding the random photo block.)

The albums in “Gallery 2” have been reorganized into “Pre-Engagement” – where all the photos prior to our engagement are – and “The Engagement” – where all the photos since our engagement are. Two more albums are likely to appear in March and April – “The Wedding” and “Married Life” (titles are tentative…)

Gallery 2” can be accessed by clicking on the random photo in the upper right, or on the user menu on the left.


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