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How we came to be Ken and Jerry…

loversJerry was born in Texas, Ken was born in California about ten months later.
While Ken was content with staying in California, Jerry moved to Delaware then to Pennsylvania (with stops in Ohio, Texas and Taiwan!) and then to college in Arkansas and then back to Delaware then she finally moved to California – where eight years later she and Ken met.

While they really met on the feast of San Tomas Aquino, they had actually encountered each other at what they refer to as meeting -2 (negative 2) which was an outdoor screening of Animal House. Meeting -1 was at Ken’s work, and while they didn’t actually run into each other it’s still counted as a potential.

Meeting #0 was actually arrange to exchange a demo of Closed Captioning that Jerry was doing for a program called Cinema Insomnia with Mister Lobo. This was on New Years Day, but the site of their planned meeting was closed (for renovation, not because of the holiday) and all Ken had committed to was that he would be there after three in the afternoon – so he left. So Jerry mailed him the disc to his work, which the captioning worked (even though Jerry decided to have some fun with it…)

Then Jerry decided to host a Cinema Insomnia… party on the feast of San Tomas Aquino, which Ken attended – where he was one of the first to arrive, and the last to leave (well, he really never left…) After that was a couple months of “will they or won’t they” when they finally decided to – as the kids used to say – go steady.

Nearly 18 months after their first proper meeting, and just around the corner from the site of their first encounter, Ken proposed to Jerry at an East Coast pizzeria – this was followed by a showing of the classic comedy film Airplane! which was enjoyed by all concerned. Since that day it’s been all about getting the word out (hence this very website.)


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