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Whoopie – Afterword

History and Evolution of
Inflatable Razzberry Cushion Devices for
the Purpose of Practical Jokes





We would like to thank you for reading our brief history of the whoopie cushion.  It has to be said that many facts in this are, much like the whoopie cushion itself, completely fabricated.

We originally created this as an humorous exhibit for the Mad Science Fair at  Costume Con 26 in April of 2008.  The purpose of the fair was to exhibit hand made props.  We were asked to contribute a piece as, at the time, there were not many entries. 

Originally there were no hand made pieces involved, but at the request of the fair’s organizers – to keep it eligible for exhibition – an Elizabethan style casing for a whoopie cushion was designed.

Our efforts were rewarded with an award: Honorable Mention for Original Scholarship.  





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