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Whoopie – Ancient Egypt

History and Evolution of
Inflatable Razzberry Cushion Devices for
the Purpose of Practical Jokes


Ancient Egypt


We surmise that the first Whoopie Cushion was first discovered by ancient butchers practicing their craft. Fragments of hieroglyphs found near abattoirs have recently been decoded. The phrase: “tying the small intestine in a knot and and leaving an inch or two of esophagus attached” tells us that they were likely experimenting with the stomachs of goats or pigs.

At first, the butchers brought the interesting device home and tried it on their wives or other family members. Later, it was offered for sale as depicted in this panel of a wife readying her husband for a prank.




This stone tablet dating back to 2,500 B.C. shows the queen aiding and abetting a prank on the Pharaoh.

Truly, only a queen could sweet-talk her way out of such deception.



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