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Whoopie – The Twentieth Century

History and Evolution of
Inflatable Razzberry Cushion Devices for
the Purpose of Practical Jokes


The Twentieth Century

The Twentieth Century has truly proven a golden age for the Whoopee Cushion prankster. Major developments in the rubber and polymer industries have provided new materials formerly unavailable. These advances make the Whoopee Cushion prank more reliable as well as more sanitary.






The modern design was invented around 1950 by the Jem Rubber Co. of Toronto, Canada by employees who were experimenting with scrap sheets of rubber. The owner of the company approached Samuel Adams, the inventor of numerous practical jokes and owner of S.S. Adams Co., with the newly invented item. Adams said that the item was “too vulgar” and would never sell. Fortunately for Jem Rubber, other companies were approached and the product quickly proved to be a success.

And the latest development in Whoopee Cushionery is the advancement of the Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion (or SIWC). Do not be alarmed, gentle reader – the SIWC is not a perpetual motion machine! It re-inflates itself by means of a circular piece of polyurethane foam in the middle. Some pranksters argue that the lengthier deployment time is a problem but the sheer convenience is well worth it in rapid-fire situations or other combat conditions.



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