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Seattle Trip, Day Four: All Over the Place…

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Today we went to several different parts of the Seattle area… First order of business, the Seattle Kwik-e-Mart. Conveniently located just blocks away from the Science Fiction Museum and the Experience Music Project – both of which are at the base of the Space Needle

  • The Kwik-e-Mart was a little more impressive than the one back home in Mountain View, this one was a standalone store – so there was more room to customize it.
  • The Science Fiction Museum was interesting, but ultimately disappointing. They had an exhibit of costumes, which had some nice stuff. Their general exhibits were interesting, but the disappointment was from a total non-inclusion of Doctor Who. So I nit-pick, but we found it odd that there didn’t even seem to be any small reference to this time-travel series in their time-travel section, or a Dalek in the robots section. I guess in the UK Doctor Who is a common language, but in the US the geeks are even scared of the stigma…
  • The Experience Music Project is an great idea, but not terribly exciting. They have a guitar exhibit, and a Hendrix exhibit, a video room where they show some rock history type documentaries, and a screening room where we saw some of the Beatles 1964 Washington DC concert. The highlingt has to be the Revolution Bar and Grill where we had lunch…
  • After the museums we walked over to the Space Needle, but decided not to go up (the lines and my general uneasiness going up the outside of tall structures are to blame.) We toyed with going on the monorail, but that only goes to Nordstrom and back – not even in a loop! So we decided to move on to our next exciting destination: Red Hook Brewery!

    We just made it in time for the 3 PM tour of the Woodenville brewery. When I say tour, it was mostly a presentation of the history of Red Hook and view of the vats – with lots of beer being poured into our stomachs (not directly, but into a commemorative glass first…) After being liquored up, we braved the stairs back down into the pub where we had what could be considered our tea. After this meal, we were going to try going to the Chateau Saint Michelle Winery but they seemed to have an event going on – so we didn’t.

    Being just a little tired, we retired to our hotel room and finished the last Harry Potter chapters (mostly as read by Stephen Fry, except for the final epilogue, which was read tearfully by me…) Jerry napped through some of that, and then decided to have a bath. We then decided to go out to see The Simpsons Movie, but we missed the earlier showing so we stopped off at a little drive-in for some food – and we researched another showing of the movie. The film was fun – though only a couple of things that couldn’t have been done on television. Then, back to the hotel to retire for the night (though we did put on Saturday Night Live until Weekend Update was done…)


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