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Seattle Trip, Day Five: To Market, to Market…

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But not to buy a fat pig (or much of anything really…) We went to the longest continually operating farmer’s market in the country: Pike Place Market!!! It was Sunday, however, and the place was packed. We did see some flying fish, and there were other shops besides the fish, fruits and veg there were jewelers, collectibles and other crafty things. The only problem is that I kept pooping out, and having to stop for rests and refueling. So after a few hours at the market, we started to make our way back to the car, through SAM (the Seattle Art Museum) to see their gift shop (where Jerry picked up a pouch made from Betty Crocker recipes…)

Back to base camp we drove, and I was deposited to rest while Jerry went to explore the local shopping mall. The maid service had yet to happen, so I futzed on the computer while I waited. I finished off the donuts that were bought this morning, and completed the recounting of the previous days escapades. Jerry returned just after the maid service, and I dozed for a little bit. Then we headed out for dinner – a great journey across the parking lot – to the restaurant affiliated with our hotel: The Berkshire Grill.

Then we came back, watched television (Adult Swim – the Eastern Feed!!!) and retired early…


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