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Arizona Trip, Day Two…

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Today we continued our journey into Arizona… After having some complimentary breakfast items at our hotel, we packed up and checked out. We had been alerted to a auto shop nearby that had a lot of classic Minis – so we swung by for a look and some pictures. From there, we sped off across the interstate to the border, where we had lunch at the Denny’s in Needles.

We decided at this point to deviate a little from the easy route of I-40 (when we turned on to it the iPod started to play Tony Christie’s “The Way to Amarillo”, which is also on I-40!) and take a leg of Historic Route 66 – the bit through Oatman, Az. It was fun driving the wavy, twisty roads. Both of us wish we had our respective “fun” cars, but we knew that the benefit of the Prius outweighed a relative few miles of fun. 

We then continued on I-40 to Williams, Az – where we jumped on another leg of Historic Route 66. We dined at the Cruiser’s Cafe 66, which was an old service station but is now a restaurant, gift shop and brewery. We also looked in at some of the other shops along this stretch of classic motorway (and bout some postcards and snacky items…) Then off to just outside the Grand Canyon to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Tusayan (a handfull of miles outside the park gates, and a hundred or so dollars per night cheaper!) The shower wasn’t as good as the previous night, especially with the singing pipes. Well, it’s almost 10:30 PM here, and time to go to sleep. It an early rise tomorrow to see sunrise over the Grand Canyon!!!


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