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Arizona Trip, Day Four…

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Another big travel day, driving from the Grand Canyon to Tucson… We started the day off with the complimentary breakfast, in an over crowded dining area.  Then we headed back to the Grand Canyon for a look at Desert View and the lookout tower. Afterwards we started the next big chunk of driving, with a stop off at Cameron for some shopping (and windscreen cleaning – covered in buggy goodness…)

We decided to take a more scenic route by going down Highway 89A, and into Red Rocks It was a great drive, some twisty-turny roads in a road descending into a canyon – ending in Sedona for lunch (at Sedona Memories, a sandwich shop with generously sized sandwiches!)  As you can see, we achieved 30 minutes of incalculable mileage – hooray for the Prius!!!

After lunch we took our last lunge to Tucson, and comfortably made it to our hotel before 5 – with time for me to shower and get my conference registration. The conference dinner fed us rather nicely, with some good company (fellow PTV programmers.)

Well, I’ve got a 7:30 AM breakfast – and it’s almost 10 here…


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