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Arizona Trip, Days Five Through Seven…

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¬†Welcome to the Hilton El Conquistador Resort Hotel, where we spent three of our four nights of the conference… It looks nice, but you have to pay for the amenities (gym, internet, fridge…) Due to the resort being full on one of the nights, we had to relocate to the Holiday Inn Express at the end of the driveway (almost literally) from the Hilton. There we had free internet, fridge and microwave, and access to the gym – at no extra charge, and even less per night on the room rate!!!

I spent most of my time eating meals hosted by different PTV program producers, and sitting in a large meeting room watching clips of those programs. And throughout the days of the conference, we accumulated a lot of “swag” to bring home (double the amount during the events that Jerry attended with me!) I even managed to win a few things (4 bottles of wine, a coffee table book on traveling and an iPod Shuffle!)

Jerry spent most of her time away from me shopping and being pampered (though not at the resort, she’s frugal that way…) She even managed to eat at some of her favorite restaurants that are not in California – Cracker Barrel and Waffle House, plus a Chick-Fil-A (which she had not been to before…)


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