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Arizona Trip, Days Eight and Nine…

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The end of the conference arrived, and Jerry and I made our farewells to our Public Television friends and hopped on to the 1:20 to Yuma… So we headed out of Tucson and made our way across the south of Arizona to Yuma, where I finally get to experience the Cracker Barrel restaurant and shopping experience! 

From here we made the leap across the border back into California (complete with a fire to greet us…) Our destination for the evening, San Diego – or nearby. Ultimately we held up for the night at the Santee Inn in beautiful downtown Santee, California. Not quite the same caliber of lodging that we had been used to, but with at somewhat holiday weekend and the Chargers playing at home on Sunday – it was better than sleeping in the car.

Sunday morning brought renewed vigor to make it home. We partook of the limited continental breakfast that the Santee Inn provided, and decided to have a second breakfast at the Sonic drive-in in Anaheim. Unfortunately for all involved, the Sonic did not get it’s delivery of eggs – and everything on the breakfast menu involved eggs… Luckily the town is full of restaurants waiting to serve us breakfast – and the lucky recipient of our dining dollars was the old stand-by Denny’s.

After breakfast we made our escape through Los Angeles and up Highway 101 to San Louis Obispo, where we had lunch at the Apple Farm (despite having lived in that area for a year, I had never been…) and then the mad dash the remaining 150 or so miles back home – where one of the cats managed to get locked out of the front gate (for how long, we do not know…)

Good to be home. Jerry has to get to work on Monday, but I get to rest up after these days of driving…


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