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The Counter Culture…

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We finally went to a relatively new (well, it’s been in the area for about a year now) burger joint called The Counter Now I had first heard about this place about a year ago when the local free paper did a review (read the article here) and the concept excited me. You can choose from a variety of ingredients to make your own custom hamburger: 4 types of meat (3 sizes each) 10 types of cheese, 27 toppings, 17 sauces and 3 types of buns or 2 types lettuce beds (for the burger in a bowl option…)

I ordered beef, 1/3 pound, gruyere cheese, tomatoes, honey cured bacon, dijon balsamic dressing (which I didn’t end up using) on a honey wheat bun. Jerry had the turkey chili – which was like a thanksgiving dinner all mixed together (which unfortunately made it loose it flavor…)

One thing that I was really looking forward to was dessert. Unfortunately the dessert that I wanted (and was pictured in the review I read) was no longer on the menu – the dessert hamburger! It appeared to be a donut bun with a chocolate ice cream patty. Looked yummy, but we’ll never know…

All in all, I’ll probably go again – and there’s one closer to home!


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