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Honeymoon: Day One – London Calling

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Well, we made it to London – mostly in one piece…

First of all, here are the photos from SFO which include the Lady Penelope that we mentioned in the previous entry… We arrived, from what we could tell, early – which is odd, considering that we left late. Maybe it has to do with the time difference being only 7-hours right now, and not 8.

Immigration was easy, baggage was a bit of a wait (it must be in reverse chronological order – as we checked in early and got our bags near the end) and customs was just a walk through a hallway…

It was a bit of a haul from terminal 3 to the underground station (that hasn’t changed) but it was a bit of a pain to get our tickets. We first tried the ticket machine, which just would not accept my old fashioned US (or non chipped) credit card. So I ended up queuing in the big ticket window line.

The tube ride was easy, and the walk to our hotel was quick, if a little bit wet. We were in fact early for our hotel check in, so we went out to the shoppes and a bite to eat at one of the many pubs in our area.

We checked in to our room after our lunch, and bummed about our room for a bit, before hitting the road for a short walk to the Doctor Who Exhibition – which opened today. We met up with Chris and Linda, and Frank and (sorry, I’m rubbish with names…) at the Earls Court centre. Plenty of pictures were taken.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at a neat little Chinese restaurant called Mr. Wing – followed by stops at Marks & Spencer and Boots, before seeing our friends off at the tube stations. We made our way back to our hotel (with one more stop for snacks) where we showered, watched telly, dumped the day’s photos and went to sleep…

More to do tomorrow!


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