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Honeymoon: Day Two – A Rainy Night in Soho…

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Well, more like hail – but still… Got up late, so we missed the hotel’s breakfast.

Went into town to the Sir John Soane’s Museum, but – despite the website not indicating anything – they were closed for Good Friday. But we managed to meet up with our friend Lisa (who was also disappointed in the closure…) who took us out to lunch at Rules – the oldest operating restaurant in London – and then we went shopping.

Ken was experimenting with his shoe inserts, that went wrong – horribly. The shoe was pressing in his toes and the back of his heel got a blister. Eventually it was fixed, but the damage had been done – including the unfavorable favoring of the feet, causing more problems…

Then there was the weather… Forecast was for sun today, but around 4 this afternoon it went dark and it started hailing! We were not prepared for this outburst – not even an umbrella! We ducked into Hamley’s – a stupid idea on a holiday, as it was packed with families. We managed to evade the remaining hail, and flittered about the Carnaby Street shops.

But it was time to head back to home base. Along the way, we stopped in a shop and Ken bought a new hat and scarf. Then we caught the tube back to Earls Court, had dinner and retired to our hotel. Jerry went to sleep and Ken watched Torchwood.

No pictures today, maybe tomorrow – and maybe there will be snow…


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