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Honeymoon: Day Three – It Always Rains on Saturday…

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With the prior days surprise weather, and the forecast calling for rain, we set out to the Southwark area today… First stop along the cold and windy south bank of the Thames was the Design Museum. Not terribly exciting, though there was a kind of year in review of design going on. How many times have you walked into a museum and taken a picture of an exhibit with the item on exhibit. Ok, the iPhone was on exhibit and we took a picture of it on display with an iPhone (and also a regular digital camera.) There were a couple of other nifty displays involving other uses of technology. Other than that, not our cuppa…

Then to lunch, at the Butlers Warf Chop House. We had seen this restaurant featured on Gordon Ramsay’s the F Word – but that had been a few years ago, and the dish that interested us was not on the menu today (squirrel, by the way, was the dish…) The food was great.

From here we strolled over to the Globe Theatre’s gift shop, as we had to rush out at the end ouf our tour last time we were here, and we skipped the shop.

Then we hopped on a bus back across the river to Covent Garden to visit the London Transport Museum. This was fantastic! The museum had recently been expanded and renovated, and I am told that the difference with the old museum is “like chalk and cheese.” The only down side was that the place was crowded – though not so bad in the exhibit halls, but more so in the gift shop.

Time to do more shopping, but unfortunately the BBC shop was closed (and looked like it was no longer in it’s Bush House location (or really at any location, as we learned later…) So we hopped on the number 9 bus to the Kensington high street, and walked down Earls Court Road – with a stop at the Hansome Cab pub for dinner – before retiring to our hotel room for the evening.

Tomorrow, a big travel day as we head to Scotland!


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