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Honeymoon: Day Four – I’m Dreaming of a White Easter?!?

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I think they’ve not figured out that it’s supposed to snow for Christmas, and be more Springy for Easter – but it snowed today, even on the heart of London (though it didn’t really stick there…) No, the better evidence of snow was on our train ride to Scotland (Jerry said it was like being on the Hogwarts Express…) where there were many examples of lightly snowed on fields and totally covered fields. Actually the weather on the train ride could easily be described as bi-polar, as we experienced periods of blinding sunlight to dark gray skies, to heavy horizontal snow drifts. It’s the most examples of weather to be experienced in a one hour stretch!

By the way, if you’re ever planning to do England by rail – then spring for First Class. First of all, there is a First Class lounge at the stations (at least the major ones) and on the train there is a tea service food service trolley with all sorts of drinks on it (in fact, we could not find one vendor at Kings Cross station with ginger ale, but they had them in the first class lounge and again on the train!) Anyways, most sites would suggest that if are doing a lengthy journey by rail, you really should travel in First Class – something we really could not afford on Virgin Atlantic Airways, as our Premium Economy was already double the Economy price and Upper Class woud be another three times the Premium Economy!

A simply staggering observation, at least from Ken’s Californian perspective (not to be confused form Ken’s Caledonian perspective which will probably happen tomorrow) was the number of nuclear power stations – just between Doncaster and York (2 consecutive stops)! At one point you could easily see three stations, two in one direction and one in another, after have passed a few others mere moments before!

The train ride was smooth and on time, and we made our connection to the ScotRail train into Dunfermline. Unfortunately, we were getting hungry and the Dunfermline station was closed (if it even had food services…) We walked into town and ate at a pub (ok, we’ve eaten pub food once a day so far!) Jerry had a half pint of Tennant lager (well, she had to…) We made our way to Dollarbeg via taxi. Kennels Cottage is a “don’t blink or you’ll miss it”, but after a couple of tries our driver made it into the drive.

Kennels Cottage is a fantastic place to stay, even if you weren’t doing the classic car hire it would be a great place to stay. We were just glad to be done for the night, and settled in for the night…

Tomorrow, driving in Scotland!


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