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Honeymoon: Day Six – Hot Rod Lincoln

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Another wonderful start of the day at Kennels Cottage for our final day of driving in Scotland. Our prior day’s excursion was a little ambitious, which led to some disappointment, so today our goals were a little more modest. First call was to the Famous Grouse distillery in Crieff, which was open the day before but we would have still missed the last tour of the day. But today we arrive in the morning and decide to take the Famous Grouse Experience tour – which was the standard distillery tour with a video and the BAFTA award winning interactive experience (plus an extra dram of whisky per ticket…) After the tour, we took lunch at the Famous Restaurant, where Jerry partook of the Famous Sampler…

After our Famous Grouse Experience, we set off for Falkland Palace – one time (but not long time) home of King Charles I, and Mary Queen of Scots. Lots of lovely furniture and paintings, and a grand garden that must be a sight in the Summer time.

From one castle to another at Loch Levin, but we only drove to the Loch and did not go out for a tour of the castle. Instead we decided to hit the nearest services centre and fill up the Jaguar, and drive off to dinner – again we ate in Dollar, just as things were beginning to shut for the day.

We made it back to Kennels Cottage with plenty of time to look over the rest of the garaged automobiles, and talk to Alex about the collection. Alex had a present for us, a ceramic Jaguar MK 3 fridge magnet (in the same colour as the one we drove)! There cannot be enough praise given to Alex and Tanya at Kennels Cottage. If we ever come back to Scotland, we’d love to stay there again.

 But now it was time to head to Glasgow, which was not a terribly long taxi ride. Once in the city, we had a bit of trouble finding the hotel. Our driver called up the hotel (Express by Holiday Inn, just to warn you) but even they had a hard time – and they had to even use Google Maps to help us, which is funny because Ken had looked at Google maps after booking the hotel and he had a better idea of where the hotel was than the hotel staff!!!

The Express by Holiday Inn was, in comparison to Holiday Inn Express’ that we have stayed in before, a bit of a let down. But our stop in Glasgow was really only a resting point between two of the main highlights of the trip, so it’ll server it purpose.

 On this first night in Glasgow, we got settled in and catching up on the internet world. Jerry still had half a sandwich from our dinner in Dollar, but Ken forgot to eat. We managed to find a gem of a restaurant just under the railroad tracks on the south bank of the river called Spice Garden. The Spice Garden is an Indian restaurant that also serves pizza and other western dishes, and the manager is an Indian with a Scots accent. The food was plenty enough that we had leftovers (for which Jerry created a makeshift refrigerator out of ice and the rubbish bin.

Now it was bed time, and tomorrow is just around the corner…


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