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Honeymoon: Day Eight – The Last Train

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Got up this morning, went down for the breakfast buffet (which was more stocked that the previous day.) There were some Croat rugby supporters (hopefully not players, as they should have better accommodations) having their continental breakfast as well. Went back to the room and packed (more of a challenge after our Woolworth’s haul of the prior day.) Checked out of the hotel, and made our way through St. Enoch’s Shopping Centre (with a stop at Boots for some supplies) and over to the station. Once at the station, we made camp at the customer lounge. Jerry went out shopping, while Ken stayed with the luggage and played Soduko. There was even an incident with a bag left in the lounge. Not long after Jerry’s return did the platform number for our train appear on the monitor.

¬†On platform number two, was the Virgin Rail train to London, Euston. We’d only be traveling as far as Crewe, then transferring to the Arriva train to Holyhead – but getting off at Bangor. The big question came up due to the differences in first class between National Express and Virgin Rail. National Express had free WiFi on the train, where Virgin had free food and drinks. It’s a tough choice, and one we could not decide on. At least both had power for the computer (and recharging of the mobiles) so that these entries could be composed…

The train ride went smoothly, with all connections made effortlessly. We also hooked up with a taxi right out of the station, which was nice. The driver estimated our journey from Bangor station to Portmeirion would be around fifty pounds, and thought the meter may also total less. Unfortunately, like everywhere else at this time of day, there was plenty of traffic. Even though the traffic affected the meter total (just over sixty pounds) the driver still only charged us the original estimate. Speaking of estimates, in his original estimate for our arrival at Portmeirion, Ken had us for check in at six – we arrived about five to ten minutes before six!

Our taxi was greeted at the front gate, where a guard emerged with a clip board and confirmed our reservation and directed us to the registration. While we were checking in, the porter arrived in a minibus, loaded our luggage and drove us to our accommodations – the Royal Dolphin Suite. It allegedly gets it’s Royal designation because Prince/King Edward and Wallis Simpson had once stayed here. The suite is comprised of two rooms – the bedroom with a full en suite bathroom, and a separate sitting room. A complimentary decanter of sherry was awaiting us in the sitting room, which we enjoyed prior to our first journey in the Village to our dinner. Our dinner was simply the best dining experience that we have had so far this trip (quite possibly ever!) concluded with tea by the fireside in the main hotel’s lobby.

We retired to our room to decompress from the travel of the day, looking forward to our day in the Village…


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