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Honeymoon: Day Eleven – I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

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Another train ride today, as we’re on our way to Brighton! We lost an hour today, as we switched from Greenwich Mean Time to British Summer Time – and apparently the weather switched as well, as It was miraculously sunny! A definite plus as we’re going to be at the seaside, mainly to see a show but also to see the sights.

The show we went to see was Brainiac Live, a stage version of the television program Brainiac: Science Abuse. The TV series is one part Mythbusters, one part Bill Nye the Science Guy, one part British sketch show, and one part Jackass The live show was a bit watered down, and a little light on the actual science, but was still great fun. We hadn’t realized that the show’s target audience is rather young, as we were one of the few (if only) adults there without child supervision.

After the show, we toddled down towards the sea, with a brief run through a shopping centre (well it was Sunday, and they were starting to shut for the day when we got there…) and then out to the Brighton Marine Palace and Pier. Along the way, we popped into some seaside shops, and even bought a couple of things. We then strolled along the pier – with it’s arcade and amusement park rides, and, unfortunately, it’s also closed restaurants – as we were starting to get hungry. Through one disappointment after another of closed restaurants, we hit one of the fish and chip stands on the beach.

Since everything was closing around us, we decided to hike back to the train station – where we missed the train by a few minutes, causing us to wait another hour before heading back to London. The Southern Rail service had first class carriages, but no body seemed to care. In fact, no one ever wrote off on our journey for the day. If we needed another day’s worth of rail travel on our trip, we would have had one.

Well, back in London for tomorrow’s excursion into the museums…


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