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Houston – Day One

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Today we left for Houston – and lived to tell the tale…

We left from Norm Minetta International (the number one international airport in San Jose…) a little after Noon – Pacific Standard – and arrived at George Bush Intercontinental (ballistic) Airport at around 5:30 PM – Central Standard time.  Check-in through airport security was surprisingly painless, and even slightly humorous.  The flight consisted of two drinks services, a warm sandwich and a salad.  There was even a movie, which we didn’t watch.  We landed about a half hour ahead of schedule, disembarked fairly easily, and made our way to baggage claim – which didn’t keep us waiting for long.  Caught the shuttle to our rental car, strolled in to get our car and left.  It was all too easy.

We are not staying in Houston just yet (Ken has a conference during the week) so we took the car out to Boerne, where Jerry’s mom and step-dad have their home. It was quite a trip – nearly three hours on the road, with one stop for food (I mean, who looks at a burger joint and says “This could be a little more sonic”?) and lots of tunes – oh, and yay, the car has an auxiliary port for the iPod.  The deer count, as we got into Boerne, was well over 20. It was a little difficult at times, as they tend to blend in with the shrubbery – especially at night!

We’ve settled into our weekend retreat, had some medicines (we’ve been having some cold stuff going on, not so nice on the flight) and prepared for bed – now time to actually sleep…



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