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Houston – Day Two: The Boerne Identity…

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Day two of our Houston trip has in in Boerne (pronounced Bernie) with Jerry’s mom and step-dad.  But between the big travel day yesterday, and our cold situation, we had a major lie-in this morning…

The day started off close to noon, with a home cooked breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, sausage, grits and Lana’s Nod Cinnamon Rolls. Then we set out to see downtown Boerne, where an arts & crafts kind of market was going on – so we walked around that for a little bit.  Then a little walk down the Hauptstraße (well, it’s called Main Street, but there seems to be a little of aDeutch infuence here) to do some window shopping – seeing as it’s Sunday, and many of the shops were closed.

When we were done with downtown Boerne (because if you’ve seen one antique shop, you’ve pretty much seen them all…) we headed off to San Antonio, specifically La Canterra shopping center to go to the Apple store there – and those of you who have noticed, Jerry has the t-shirt for the La Canterra Apple store, but until today had never been there…  Now it’s not a particular need for Jerry to visit every Apple store, but in this instance we were replacing the airport at her mom’s house – as the old one had trouble reaching the whole house.  After we made our purchases at the Apple store, we looked around the shopping center a little bit more before heading back to our home base.

When we got back to the house, we got to work installing the new airport.  With the new airport, reception was greatly expanded to beyond the confines of the house – quite a significant change – removed the need of a separate router and added the USB printer to the WiFi network (it had been on a Bluetooth, which has a substantially limited range.)  We also added remote desktop capabilities to Jerry’s step-dad’s windows machine so he can access it on his MacBook from anywhere in the house.

We then took to dinner, and realized that we didn’t have lunch – though breakfast was close to noon.  Meatloaf, rolls, salad, and asparagus was what was on the menu. After that, we engaged ourselves in a couple games of Scrabble before settling in for the night…

Tomorrow, weather dependent,  San Antonio and a place not to be forgotten – the Alamo (not the car rental people…)



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