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Houston – Day Three: The Boerne Ultimatum…

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Day three of our Houston trip, again from our temporary base in Boerne, had us in San Antonio for the bulk of the day…

With a slightly earlier start to our day (still sleeping in a little), we had another home cooked breakfast (french toast, bacon, fruit…) before setting out to San Antonio (with a brief stop at the local Harley dealership, where Jerry’s step-dad trains riders.)

In san Antonio, we parked at the River Walk, and made our way up to the Alamo – where we did not find any indication of a basement. We did find a memorial to all the people who died defending it, of which there were many foreign nationals – even a Weshman named Johnson.  Inside the gift shop there was a display on the history/folklore on the Bowie Knife, which was interetsing, as well as archaeological artifacts from the mission site.  Outside, we toured the gardens and made our way to a courtyard, where a docent was conducting a talk on the famous seige of the Alamo (the one they tell us not to forget.) Then we walked backwards through the time-line of the Alamo and over to one of the other few remaining structure, which contained a history of the Alamo and Texas.  On our way out, Jerry want a picture of us infront of a feature of the iconic church of the Alamo – and we also got a picture of us with the whole church in the background (I’m sure lots of people do as well…)

Afterward, we went back to the River Walk and had a brief bite to eat before hitching a lift on the Rio Taxi.  The Rio Taxi was esablished as a method of hearding the millions that swarmed San Antonio for the 1968 World’s Fair, but is now primarily a sightseeing tour of the San Antonio River Walk – which is a very informative tour of the city, from the perspective of the river.

Once the tour was finished, we took to walking along the River Walk – Jerry was looking for a particular tile work commemorating a tree where a Mexican sniper would shoot people coming to the river to refresh themselves. Once that was found, we headed off to dinner at Casa Rio – the first business to open up to the river, helping to create the River Walk as it is today (and, yes, we ate along the river…)

Now done with dinner, we decided that we were done with San Antonio – and headed back to Boerne.  We rinsed ourselves off, washed our dirty clothes, and just generally hung out (watching the nail-biting second half of the 49er/Cardinal game.)  All that’s left is to prepare for our big journey to Houston in the morning… 


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