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Houston – Day Five: [Insert Witty Subtitle Here]

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Day five has us in separate activities, Ken at his conference and Jerry on vacation…

The morning saw us having breakfast together at the Taco Cabana, on of Jerry’s favorite restaurants that she can’t eat at in California – since there are none.  We returned to the hotel and parted for the day.  Jerry went off with one of conference attendees to the Galleria for a spot of shopping, while Ken whiled away the day in the conference sessions.  The funny thing is that Ken came back with more stuff than Jerry, but that’s the nature of these conferences…

The evening stated with some rest, and then cleaning ourselves up for the main conference’s reception.  We only hung out for a short period of time, before deciding to find a place for dinner (the reception was only drinks and small foods.) So we headed out into Houston, with the dream of finding a Waffle House.  The iPod seemed to think there was one near by, but it was all residential (infact, the nearest ones are about fourty miles away.)  So we drove off to the street we had breakfast on, as it held much promise.  We passed a few restaurants, but decided on Chic-Fil-A – we’d heard good things about it, and we don’t have them back home.  It was ok (Jerry’s actually had better Chic-Fil-A elsewhere…)  Afterwards, we stopped off at the Cost Plus or a little walk around (ok, Ken bought some Jelly Babies) and then left to return to our fifteenth floor base, at the InterContinental Hotel.


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