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News about our wedding…

365 Days Completed…

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We could call this our first quarter-anniversary, though most would just say “Stop being so damned pedantic and call it your first anniversary, for heaven’s sake…”


The Ceremony…

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Here is the wedding video. No, not a video of the wedding – but a video created for the ceremony itself.

For those of you with a reasonable connection, click here.

For those of you with a not-so-good connection, click here.

If you’re looking for the full ceremony, well it’ll be a while before it gets up to the site.

Last minute delivery

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K.C. Goldsmiths Menlo Park We made it! Thank you very much for allowing us to help both of you design and execute your unique wedding bands. You can get married now, you have your rings and everything is set. We stayed up until the wee hours putting your ideas for a wedding set into gold. We hope the process of creating the rings makes them very special to you. Enjoy them for a lifetime. Congratulations on your wedding. May you have a great life together. Best regards, Kurt & Carol

On Super Tuesday (as the media was calling it) we went down to the county clerk’s office and got our marriage license!!!

Only thing left to do is actually get married…

By the way, it was a very painless procedure. Afterwards we had lunch in the county cafeteria (located next to the wedding chapel that you can rent in 10-minute increments…)


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