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News about our wedding…

It’s February!!!

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Today marks the beginning of the final count down (no, not the song – or the movie!) to the BIG DAY!

If you haven’t yet sent your reply card back, why not?!? It’s postage paid, and it really helps us to know that you’re not coming to the shin-dig just as much as it helps to know that you are.

If you didn’t get an invitation, we’re deeply sorry for offending you. We just couldn’t invite all our friends and family. But don’t despair, because we here at KenAndJerry.com will have special downloads available on the big day. Just come and have a look on the 29th…

And for those of you attending, we hope it will be a wedding to remember. We’re hoping it will go off with a hitch!

With 53 days to go, we can now let you all know to be on the look out over the next week for your official wedding invitations (well, those of you who are to get them…) The usual stuff like who (us) what (wedding) where (finally revealed, with map) and when (the date’s been known, but now there’s a time!) Also, for you out of towner’s, there’s information about booking a hotel (across the street from the venue.) So keep an eye out in your post for a plain white envelope (about 6×8 inches) to arrive soon!

Chris Garcia, the person we picked to marry us (as the officiant, not as a polygamist thing), is a self proclaimed “media whore” – as proclaimed on his Live Journal. This time it’s work related, and can be seen here. ***UPDATE 2/7/2008*** Link to the story is no longer active. Sorry if you missed it…

Got Referrals?

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Would you recommend your jeweler? How about your hair stylist? Basically, we’ve got a blank slate to fill.
I sure could use a list of good and trusted vendors. As well as those to AVOID! (more…)


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