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It Went Off WITH a Hitch!!!

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Well, we did it. The wedding went amazingly smoothly, much can be attributed to Jerry’s organization… But we must not forget to thank the staff at the Professional Culinary Institute, namely Giacomo and Jean Marie who were very accommodating and just plain super to us from day one. Also Stephanie, the PCI pastry chef who made the seven (yes, seven!) wedding cakes – she got what we were trying to do without a lot of explanation!

Also, to our crack team who helped us run the day from set up to tear down (including getting Jerry into and out of her dress!) So thank you to Curtis & DeAnn, Merv & Judith, Martha, Crissy, Linda, Kevin & Andy, and Mike.

Also, also… To Chris for doing the marrying bit, and to Mr. Lobo for jumping in with the Insomniac’s oath at the last minute.

Also, also, also… To Dann & Mo, Curtis & DeAnn, and Mr. Lobo for donating their artistic and puzzle works for our coloring book/souvenir program.

But, finally, we would like to every one who came. It may have been a small group (57 attendees, including the happy couple) but it was a fantastic group. We hope you all enjoyed the whole event. It looked like every one was having fun, and that made us feel very proud at what we had done…


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