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How Voting “Yes on 8” Will Threaten ALL Marriages!!!

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I just thought about this.  The “Yes on 8” campaign claims that if this proposition passes, that the institution of marriage will be saved.  They are wrong, and here’s why.

  • If prop 8 passes, then all those same-sex marriages that were performed legally in the state of California will have to be annulled – or they would be forced to continue to recognize them (which would be against the amended constitution.) 
  • If the state can declare a marriage that was conducted legally null and void, what’s to stop them from doing it to any marriage they feel does not belong.  

The people who brought this proposition to the ballots think that because same-sex couple can not procreate, they have no business being married.  We’re not having kids, so we’re running afoul of the spirit of the amendment.  Will these same people then declare that our marriage is to be null and void?

Protect all marriages, and vote NO on Hate – NO on 8!

Remember that reducing one group’s civil liberties reduces everyone’s civil liberties…

For another take on why it’s a bad proposition, check our friend Andy’s Live Journal.  We were witnesses (as in signatories on the certificate) for their marriage this Summer.

Also have a gander at a “No on 8” spot that I have on my own site…

(10/22) ADDITIONAL:  Marriage Protection Act will actually FORCE same-sex marriages.  Read here as to why this has already happened.


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